Take the First Steps to a Healthier Happier You...

Hartford Behavioral Health (HBH) is a private, non-profit community agency providing culturally competent outpatient behavioral health services for adults and children throughout the Greater Hartford region for over 40 years.

HBH is where our clients can Begin their journey to Believe in their own ability to obtain optimal mental health and Become that which they desire.

How to Begin...

Use the quick contact bar above to be directed to the right starting point. Once there our team will help you set up your appointment to Begin the path to healing.


Once Started Down a Path...Believe You Can

We are here to help you every step of the way. We will believe in you so you can start believing in yourself.Our trained clinical team and community network have been working together for well over 40 years and we understand individual challenges and barriers and as a result, we understand and Believe in You!


Setting goals to Become who you want to be doesn’t happen overnight. Here at HBH we understand that everything takes time and you may not always feel ready nor able. The one thing we can assure you of is that change begins with just one step, and we will be by your side, going at your pace, to help you on your journey to Becoming and obtaining the best version of yourself.

HBH is and Always Will BE There...
Go and Become Who You Want to BE...

Use our website at anytime to find inspiration and motivation as you BECOME who you want to be.

Your donation will help in providing positive change for the community members who need it the most.